Each fabrication in the collection is sourced locally , up-cycling and bringing new life to the fabrics.  Every piece is hand cut and sewn in our studio, going from cutting table, to machine, to the clothing rack all under one roof. Our signature indio silk print, is an artisan dying technique, replicating the gorgeous LA sky scape. Using 90% reclaimed fabrics, Haley chooses a mixture of traditional and natural dyes, often using vegetables and tea to create a vintage feel and a depth not found in mass produced fabrications.  "The Indio Collection" is fully washable, 100% silk, bringing this luxurious fabric into the everyday world. 


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Epitomizing the L.A. lifestyle of throw-on-and go, the collection’s retail store is located in the trendy L.A. neighborhood of Eagle Rock, and is blurring the line between couture and ready to wear with her vertically integrated storefront.

You’ll not only be able to come swipe a one of a kind piece straight off the rack (no more waiting for the mailman), but Haley’s design studio is fully operational from within the space. You can have custom fittings, alterations and design consultations on site. Better yet, every day new pieces go from her cutting table to the rack to your closet just like THAT.



Designer Haley Solar has spent most her life behind a sewing machine. Growing up in Southern California, Haley learned to sew at 7 and was making clothing patterns by high school. Woking as a retail buyer and merchandiser, Haley entered the fashion world with an appreciation for the customer that naturally led to her desire to open a retil location. 

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