As of March 15th, 2020, our retail storefront is closed. We have shifted our business entirely online and we will continue to uphold our mission statement: To create awareness and appreciation for the craft, the art, and the labor involved in apparel manufacturing.

We greatly appreciate your support as we put all of our energy into making a transition into 100% online shopping from hundred's of small business makers we stock in our store. 

Stay safe and healthy, Hope to see you again soon.

xoxo Haley

About our Storefront:

Feeling frustrated by the fast fashion, "green-washing" and the devaluing of her craft by the fast fashion industry, Haley opened a storefront that represents the personal connection between makers, designers and customers.

Celebrating local businesses and makers at reasonable price points is the idea.( 99% of our brands are women owned, more than half of our inventory is made within 5 miles of our shop) Haley's mission is to return the respect and value to the talented makers and manufacturers of the products we use. Creating full transparency in products is an ethical value of Haley Solar. Our collection is made inside the shop, on full display for customers to see and every item we sell is listed with a maker bio and manufacturing location to provide full transparency and zero "green washing" for our customers. Shopping consciously should be easy. 


haley solar overalls.jpg


About Haley:

Designer Haley Solar has spent most her life behind a sewing machine. Growing up in Southern California, Haley learned to sew at 7 and was making clothing patterns by high school. Woking as a retail buyer and merchandiser, Haley entered the fashion world with an appreciation for the customer that naturally led to her desire to open a retail location. She has continued to put the hand made philosophy into her designs. 



About our Collection:

Each piece is cut, sewn and dyed in our studio located in our retail store in Eagle Rock, a quiet neighborhood in the artistic, east side of Los Angeles. Our apparel is sourced locally using upcycled fabric from mills and design houses. Our signature indio silk print is an artisanal dying technique, replicating the gorgeous LA sky scape. Using 90% reclaimed fabrics, Haley chooses a mixture of traditional and natural dyes, often using vegetables and tea to create a vintage feel and a depth not found in mass produced fabrications.  "The Indio Collection" is fully washable, 100% silk, bringing this luxurious fabric into the everyday world. 

Enjoy your pieces, they are made with love